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Media Specialists

A Full Service Video Production & Digital Marketing Company

We are not only hub for Orange County’s creative media production & digital marketing, we offer real marketing solutions. It’s a wild world in the digital marketplace. Who can you trust? Who really cares about the growth and prosperity of your business? At Seal Media, we provide all phases of video production-writing and pitching concepts, project development to production and delivering the final project in the editing studio. From there, we use our content to help our clients get the most out their investment and better results.

Seal Media offers ways to engage with an audience and professionally present your content with Google My Business, SEO, Social Media and Paid Ad Campaigns.  Offering services for commercials, documentaries, online company branding videos, capturing a testimonial for a product you are releasing, or have a message you want an audience to resonate with; We not only deliver stories, we deliver solutions to your media needs.


We come from a film industry standard. Seal Media’s production experience started in Hollywood, working on narrative shorts, documentaries and feature films, with more projects to come. Always staying ahead of the curve with technology, film theory and best SEO practices. What really sets us apart is our craft to storytelling.  We always look for the core of the message in the project, drive it home and resonate with the target audience.    

 Most importantly, we want to earn your business and trust. Our clients are treated as partners, and the relationship we build, helps to create the very best results.  You are in good hands. The craft of story telling lies in the feelings that you evoke.

Professional Media Services

Quality, Commitment & Results

Seal Media is Orange County’s is an experienced award winning video production and digital marketing agency. Through the years, we have built a network of creative collaborators ranging from: film/video directors, writers, music composers, photographers, editors, animators to SEO and paid media campaign experts.  We have built long lasting trust with our collaborators and clients. Every project is important. Every relationship counts.

We are a boutique-style production company and agency, servicing only a select number of clients per year.  We take on projects that we believe in and values of each company we partner with, aligns with ours.   Visions crafted…Telling stories with picture and sound.